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The Free Cafe is a nomadic, open-air cafe that accepts suggestions in lieu of money. The goal of The Free Cafe is to foster community and dialogue by inviting participants to take a little time out of their day to connect with friends, neighbors and strangers alike over a free cup of coffee or tea.

Cafe-goers are encouraged to submit anonymous suggestions, written on napkins and posted to a board for all to see. These personal messages range from comments about the cafe itself, to ways of improving the community, to aspirational recommendations on how to lead a better life.

The Free Cafe manifests in two forms. One is a full-service pop-up stand that moves from park to park across the city in an effort to reach as many people as possible from a broad cross-section of neighborhoods and demographics. The other, is a monthly gathering in a backyard in Leimert Park where all are invited to meet up for some coffee and conversation with friends and neighbors, old and new.




DEC. 15


Join us for some coffee & community in our back yard.

(e-mail for address)



The Free Cafe exists through the generosity of our community. Often, individuals visit the cafe with coffee beans, baked goods, or other treats to share with their fellow "patrons". We love to see these spontaneous acts of giving that highlight the communal nature of The Free Cafe and help create an environment of kindness and acceptance.


Although we don't accept cash in exchange for drinks, if you'd like to support The Free Cafe financially, donate $15 or more, and we'll thank you with a limited-edition Free Cafe mug. 100% of your generous donation will go toward sustaining The Free Cafe events and projects.


Of course, the best way you can support The Free Cafe is to attend an event. At its heart, The Free Cafe is about creating community and exchanging ideas through in-person dialogue. None of this would be possible without people showing up, hanging out, and sharing. Plus all this coffee isn't going to drink itself!


Want more info about The Free Cafe? Want to bring the Free Cafe to your neighborhood? Want one of those cool mugs? Or just feel like saying "hi"?

Awesome! Send us a message using the form below.

Thanks for reaching out!

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